App event console

How to Use DAPP Event Pal Finder


DAPP opens right to the events listing page so you can see who wants to go where and when right on your home screen; and you can send an invite to tag along in seconds! Just take a photo of the event flyer, add a caption and necessary event info and you are ready to find an event pal! Others in your area will send you an invite request and you can chat before you meetup.


Events Upload Page ⏫

- Upload a picture of the event (preferably a picture of the flyer)
- Provide a short description of the event
- Choose a date, time and location
- Choose what category your event falls in from our list
- Post the event

Event Listing and Information Page 🔎

- You will see a list of events in your area
- If you see an event that interests you, you can click on it to learn more about it
- If you would like to go to the event, simply select interested and a notification will be sent to the person who posted it. They will contact you to start a chat.
-If you'd like to learn more about the person who posted it, check out their profile page. By selecting their profile picture.
- You can also chat with the person who posted the event right from the event information page
- You can also see who else is going to the event from the event information page

- Stay in touch and chat with friends with live messaging

Social Media 🏄
- Post pictures you'd like to share with friends about your adventures
- See what your friends are up to
- Engage with your friends